Who we are

The flexystrom company is the exclusive representative in Greece of Perdormire, which is one of the largest mattress manufacturing industries in the world. With a presence since 1971 in over 40 international markets, it has gained a leading position in the global production of mattresses.

The production unit now covers an area of ​​more than 20,000 m². With a daily production of over 4,000 mattresses.

Our success is based on experience, the superiority of our products, attention to detail and direct relationship with our customers.

We produce mattresses that meet your expectations, through tests and strict controls.

Our certificates

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Sleep in our lives

Sleep is just as important in our lives as water, oxygen and food.

It affects the mental, physical and emotional health of both adults and children, so when we buy a mattress we must give the appropriate attention.

It is very important both for us, our family and the people we love to sleep on a quality comfortable mattress.

Why choose a Flexy Strom mattress

Experience & Professionalism

Thanks to our 50 years of experience and dedication in the manufacture of mattresses, we constantly strive to improve and fully meet the requirements of consumers by manufacturing specialized high quality sleep products.

Thousands of satisfied customers

The biggest guarantee for the quality of our service is the thousands of satisfied customers who choose us and support us all over Greece. If you hesitate to trust us just do an internet search for our customers' point of view.


Our company is characterized for its consistency in the delivery times of the products and is faithful to the philosophy of creating a life time relationship with the customer as it gives special interest to after sale service.


Our prices are adapted to the needs of the time, offering our customers excellent product quality at the most competitive prices.

Certified Sleeping Mattresses

All our mattresses are accompanied by international certifications that rank them among the best mattresses on the world market.

Variety & Adaptability

Wide variety of mattresses that fit exactly to the dimension that you want. You can create 100% of the mattress you need by selecting Length & Width.

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